The Infusion Preferences Framework includes a tool called the Builder, which automatically creates all the components you need given primary and auxiliary schemas. The builder constructs all the components necessary to render the preferences editor, store preferences, and respond to changes in preferences. However, you'll generally want to use the simpler method, fluid.uiOptions, for creating and instantiating a Preferences Editor. In fact, the builder (fluid.prefs.builder), is the base grade of fluid.uiOptions, and takes in the same options.

Unlike UI Options, the fluid.prefs.builder does not assume that it will be a fluid.viewComponent nor provide any default preferences. While it might be tempting to use the builder directly when using a different set of preference from UI Options, in reality the standard configuration overriding provided by Infusion is sufficient. The only case you may want to consider using the builder directly is when instantiating a story only build; however, such a configuration is rarely used. For example:

var storeOnly = fluid.prefs.builder({
    buildType: "store",
    preferences: [