API Changes from 2.0 to 3.0

This page contains a list of the features, APIs, and etc. that have changed in Infusion 3.0.

Framework Changes

Core Framework Changes

This section describes major APIs that were in common use. For information about less widely-used features removed in 3.0, consult Deprecations in 2.0.

Model Transformations

  • fluid.transforms.round can take in scale and method options for rounding numbers to a decimal value. Additionally, numbers round away from 0 (i.e 0.5 -> 1, -0.5 -> -1).
  • fluid.transforms.valueMapper takes an defaultInput option to provide the model data directly. This also provides a location for adding nested transformations.

Preferences Framework

Panel Changes

The "Links and Buttons" adjusters and enactors are collapsed to a single preference called "Enhance Links".

Message Bundle Keys
  • enhanceInputs.json
    • "label"
    • "description"
    • "switchOn"
    • "switchOff"
  • speak.json
    • "switchOn"
    • "switchOff"
  • tableOfContents.json
    • "switchOn"
    • "switchOff"
  • inputsLarger.json
  • emphasizeLinks.json
  • linksControls.json
Message Bundle In 3.0.0 In 2.0.0
speak.json "label" "speakLabel"
"description" "speakDescr"
tableOfContents.json "label" "tocLabel"
"description" "tocDescr"