Deprecated in 4.0

This page contains a list of the features, APIs, and etc. that are deprecated as of Infusion 4.0.

Note: While the intention is to provide advance notice of future changes, the contents of this page may not be exhaustive.

Core framework

The following core documented utilities are deprecated:

  • fluid.contains
  • fluid.stableSort
  • fluid.add
  • fluid.accumulate
Note: As of Infusion 3.0, the "old Renderer" and all components dependent on it (Table, PagedTable) were deprecated. These will be removed in Infusion 5.0.

Preferences Framework

In a future version of Infusion the preferences framework and UI Options will undergo a re-write and redesign. The API, including Auxiliary Schemas, are likely to change or be removed. This is also the case for any components that are used by/within the preferences framework.


UI widgets and other components included with Infusion will be evaluated for future releases. A number of these widgets are no longer required as native HTML options and other tools have filled in the gaps that they were meant to address.