Preferences Framework

The Infusion Preferences Framework offers a reusable set of schemas, programming APIs, and UI building blocks specific to the creation, persistence, and integration of preference editors into a variety of web-based applications, content management systems, and delivery environments. It does not prescribe a single means by which content should be delivered to users. Instead, the Preferences Framework architecture provides an event-driven API that enables different, pluggable personalization strategies to listen for changes in a user's preferences and respond accordingly.

The Preferences Framework allows for the creation of a customized Preferences Editor by supplying a Primary Schema and Auxiliary Schema. The Primary Schema provides a description of the preferences that the editor will manage. It includes both the default values, as well as, the set of values that the preference can take. The Auxiliary Schema provides the instructions for combining the panels (for setting preferences) and enactors (for applying preferences) that will operate on these preferences.

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